The splendour of Faluknama palace

N. Shiva Kumar


The Falaknuma (literally “like the sky”) palace, lit up at night.
The Nizam’s royal emblem (coat of arms) on the palace gateway.
The view from the balcony, said to be a favourite breakfast spot of the Nizam’s.
The gateway to the Falaknuma palace.
The palace facade. The palace was restored and transformed into a heritage hotel in November 2010.
The dining hall with five chandeliers and a long table that can seat 101 persons.
A portrait of Sir Vicar-Ul-Umra, the Prime Minister of the sixth Nizam. The Falaknuma palace is his brainchild.
The skyscape on the ceiling of the foyer, painted by a French artist, depicts a flying eagle.
The billiard room. The restored table also has a unique feature of moveable overhead lights.
The grand staircase, with marble statuettes of the Greek Muses carved along the railing.
The crystal chandelier, made in Belgium, in the Jade Room.
The terrace of the Gol bungalow at the tail end of the Falaknuma palace. The wrought-iron canopy supports a glass dome adorned with fish-scale panels.
The horse carriage that ferries guests from the gateway to the palace.
The marble fountain in the foyer.
Victorian-style stained glass window panels illumine the palace interior with natural light.
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