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Print edition : October 18, 2013

A matinee show at Prabhat Touring Talkies at Shikhar Shingnapur in Maharashtra on March 23, 2010. Photo: INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP

The Lyric Theatre in Misquith Building on the north-east end of Mount Road in Madras. The owner of the Empire Cinema in Calcutta rented the first floor of the building, which had housed a music hall named Lyric Theatre, in 1913 and outfitted it as one of the most comfortable theatres in Madras at the time, featuring novelties of "electric lighting and new tip-up seats". Photo: By Special Arrangement

The Crown Theatre on Mint Street, Madras. While Phalke was figuring out what kind of films Indians would pay to watch, a small army of entrepreneurs-turned-exhibitors started the Indian cinema century from the ground up with a basic bricks, mortar and corrugated iron approach. Photo: By Special Arrangement

The year 1913 marks an important new development in the creation of a permanent home for film in specialised cinema theatres, which is every bit as momentous as Phalke’s films.
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