Son of Saul

Grandchildren of the Holocaust

Print edition : April 29, 2016

Matyas Erdely (left), the cameraman of "Son of Saul", and Laszlo Nemes Jeles, the director. Photo: By Special Arrangement

The actor Geza Rohrig as Saul Auslander, the film's main protagonist. The events in the film are shown entirely from Saul's point of view. Photo: By Special Arrangement

A May 1944 photograph showing Jewish women and children deported from Hungary, separated from the men, lined up on the selection platform at the Auschwitz camp in Birkenau, in Nazi-occupied Poland. Photo: Yad Vashem Photo Archives/AP

The entrance to the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Photo: Kacper Pempel/REUTERS

Son of Saul, the Oscar-winning Best Foreign Language Film, is one of the most unique films on the theme of the Holocaust.
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