At the Triveni sangam

Late in the evening, a play of lights at the sangam.
A long trek with a heavy load.
Sadhus perfoming puja at the Kumbh city.
Putting a religious mark after the dip.
A relaxed afternoon at the akhara.
An akhara head with his entourage.
A group of Naga Sadhus with a newly initiated one full of religious fervour.
The ritual of donating a cow.
A Naga Sadhu giving his blessings.
Mendicants and their music.
A boatman at work.
Meals being prepared in makeshift kitchens.
Pilgrims in boats at the confluence.
A pre-dawn gathering near the sangam.
A Naga Sadhu ecstatic after a dip in the sangam
Visitors from other countries.
Kumkums of different colours on sale.
Pilgrims bathing at the sangam while others wait.
A lone security guard keeping a watchful eye on the crowd at the sangam.
triveni sangam
sadhu mounts on horseback
deep in prayers
run to sangam
dip in holy river
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