Experiments with truth

Print edition : June 26, 2015

From the series of lithograph block inscriptions about traumatic incidents in the history of post-Independent India. Photo: By Special Arrangement

The graphic images of a toothless Gandhi, the reproduction of a photograph taken in 1931 when he was 62, against a background reminiscent of the red flag, with the white star at the top right-hand corner. On the top of each image are twin words, one, the liberating ideas and programmes of Gandhi, and the other its counter-forces. Photo: By Special Arrangement

Poverty/Pokhran. Photo: By Special Arrangement

The Emergency. Photo: By Special Arrangement

1969. Photo: By Special Arrangement

The anti-Sikh riots. Photo: By Special Arrangement

Bombay Blasts. Photo: By Special Arrangement

Rath Yatra/Babri Masjid. Photo: By Special Arrangement

Riyas Komu’s work “On International Workers’ Day, Gandhi from Kochi”, which layers a Gandhi image against a background reminiscent of the red flag, and his litho blocks depicting incidents that scarred the history of post-Independence India mark the artist’s attempts to redeem the meanings of words and images.
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