The siege of Mosul

Print edition : April 28, 2017

Relatives mourn over the body of a child who was killed in the March 17 air strike on a residential complex in Mosul blamed on U.S. forces. More than 200 people are said to have died in the attack. Photo: ARIS MESSINIS/AFP

Rescue teams work on the debris of a destroyed building complex to recover bodies of people killed in the March 17 air strike in New Mosul district. Photo: Felipe Dana/AP

At the Hammam al-Alil camp south of Mosul, internally displaced Iraqis receive aid rations on March 16. Photo: Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP

The inevitable fall of Mosul may not signal the end of the Daesh as a threat. Many of its fighters have already fled Mosul to areas in northern and western Iraq, where the Daesh still has considerable support, to regroup and fight another day.
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