Terror in Nairobi

Print edition : November 01, 2013

Smoke rises from the Westgate building after explosions at the mall on September 23. Photo: NOOR KHAMIS/REUTERS

President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo: THOMAS MUKOYA/REUTERS

In this image released by the Kenyan Defence Forces, men carrying automatic weapons are seen in a shop before the siege at the Westgate mall in Nairobi. Photo: AP

Kenyan soldiers move in formation, clearing the top floor balcony and interior of Westgate mall on September 24. Photo: CARL DE SOUZA/AFP

A security officer helps a wounded woman outside the mall on September 21. Photo: Khalil Senosi/AP

Women carrying children run for safety as gunmen go on a shooting spree in the mall on September 21. Photo: GORAN TOMASEVIC/REUTERS

Security personnel, crouched behind a ledge, near the beseiged shopping mall on September 23. Photo: TONY KARUMBA/AFP

A picture released by the Kenyan presidency shows a destroyed section of the Westgate mall on September 26. Photo: AFP

Al Shabab, which is battling Kenyan troops inside Somalia, guns down 67 people inside an elite Nairobi mall in a “Mumbai-style” attack.
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