Siege of Kobane

Print edition : October 17, 2014

Kurds cross the border from Syria into Turkey near the south-eastern town of Suruc in Turkey’s Sanliurfa province on September 20. The exodus was prompted by intense clashes as Kurdish fighters tried to hold off an assault on Kobane by the fighters of the Islamic State. Photo: BULENT KILIC/AFP

Women fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party on the front line in the Makhmur area near Mosul in Iraq on August 21 during the conflict with the Islamic State. Photo: REUTERS

Forty per cent of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units are made up of female battalions. Some of their members on a road in Qamishli in Syria on September 19. Photo: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP

Buildings damaged in clashes between YPG and Islamic State fighters in Qamishli on September 19. Photo: Rodi Said/REUTERS

The fate of half a million people in Kobane hangs in the balance as Islamic State fighters try to capture the Syrian city. If they take Kobane, the Islamic State will have control over the entire length of the central span of the Turkish-Syrian border.
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