Looking for the right mask

Print edition : November 29, 2013

English Defence League members during an anti-Muslim rally in London in September 2011. Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

Marine Le Pen, president of the French right-wing party Front National. Photo: FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP

Godfrey Bloom, UKIP member who was suspended for making sexist comments. Photo: Luke MacGregor/REUTERS

Nigel Farage, leader of the anti-immigrant UKIP. Photo: LUKE MACGREGOR/REUTERS

Tommy Robinson (left) and Kevin Carroll, leaders of the anti-immigrant English Defence League. Photo: CARL COURT/AFP

Across Europe, the Right is going through what commentators see as a process of “sanitisation’’ whereby it is trying to shed its “nasty party” image and appear more inclusive.
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