History’s Wall

Print edition : December 12, 2014

At the Berlin Wall memorial in Berlin, on Novembe 9, Chancellor Angela Merkel Mayor Klaus Wowereit (right) leave after putting roses in a preserved segment of the Berlin Wall during the ceremonies that marked the 25th anniversary of its fall. Photo: JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP

November 11, 1989: A demonstrator pounds away at the Berlin Wall as East Berlin border guards look on from above the Brandenburg Gate. Photo: David Brauchli/REUTERS

Combo picture of the German Reichstag building, one with the Berlin Wall taken on November 10, 1989, and (bottom) the same view 20 years later. Photo: AFP

A plaque saying Berlin Wall in German where the Wall once stood. Photo: N. Ramakrishnan

November 19, 1961: East German troops erect a new concrete wall at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, marking the border with West Germany. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

Western leaders extol the fall of the Berlin Wall on the 25th anniversary of the event as a triumph of good over evil, but they are noticeably silent about other walls that have come up either to keep people subjugated or to prevent them from crossing borders.
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