West Asia

Growing hatred

Print edition : January 22, 2016

An Israeli flag atop a home of Jewish settlers in Silwan, a mostly Palestinian district abutting the Old City, in November 2014. In the background, the Dome of the Rock (left) and the Al Aqsa mosque. Photo: AMMAR AWAD/REUTERS

Josh, a settler, at the Wailing Wall. He is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and has been in Israel for 10 years. "This is my homeland," he says. Photo: Vijay Prashad

Nadera Shaloub-Kevorkian, who teaches at the University of Jerusalem. She finds that life for Palestinians has become perilous. Photo: Vijay Prashad

Bilal Abu Khalaf, with his textile stock, which comes from Varanasi. He used to get fabric from Palmyra, Syria, too, but that is no longer available. Business is bad, he says, as tourists are no longer in the city. Photo: Vijay Prashad

A seller in a sweet shop. Behind him is a picture of his martyred son. Photo: Vijay Prashad

Walid, a seller of trinkets, with a picture of his street, taken in winter, before the state of Israel displaced Palestinians from their homeland. The street seems calm, but it is not so now. "The tension in the air is real, he says. Photo: Vijay Prashad

The Via Dolorosa (Way of Grief) in Jerusalem. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

In Jerusalem, the bitterness between the settlers and Palestinians shows signs of worsening as both sides increasingly use guns and knives to settle scores.
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