Letter from Beirut

Bombs of Beirut

Print edition : December 27, 2013

A partially destroyed apartment after the November 19 double bombing in Beirut. Photo: ANWAR AMRO/AFP

At the funeral of some of the victims of the bombing, on November 20, in Ghobeiri, a southern suburb of Beirut. Photo: Bilal Hussein/AP

Islamist cleric Omar Bakri Fustok. His influence has given the Al Qaeda ideology a perch in Lebanon. Photo: REUTERS

Lebanese army men fighting with the followers of the Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir in Saida in June. Photo: Mohammed Zaatari/AP

July 2006: After an Israeli air raid in the Zahrani region of southern Lebanon. Photo: Mohammed Zaatari/AP

November 2009: At the port of Saida, which is now a fertile ground for Salafis. Photo: Mohammed Zaatari/AP

Fears that the recent spate of bombings will reopen carefully sutured wounds are overdrawn; the city cannot stomach another conflict.
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