The roots of 2017

Print edition : June 09, 2017

New Delhi, June 7, 1947: The historic meeting at which Viceroy Lord Mountbatten disclosed Britain’s “partition” plan for India. With him are Jawaharlal Nehru, Lord Ismay, Adviser to the Viceroy, and M.A. Jinnah. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

August 15, 1947: Jawaharlal Nehru being sworn in as Independent India’s first Prime Minister by Governor General Lord Mountbatten. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

August 15, 1947: Lord Mountbatten's first address to the Constituent Assembly after assuming office as Governor General. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

London, July 1956: Prime Minister Nehru with Lord Mountbatten. Photo: THE HINDUARCHIVES

Lord Mountbatten did his best to work out a realistic solution regarding Kashmir in the months preceding and following the 1947 Partition, but first M.A. Jinnah and then Jawaharlal Nehru scuttled all moves to find a sane course of action.
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