Politics and AMU

Print edition : March 18, 2016

September 9, 1962: Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru being greeted by M.C. Chagla, the Indian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, at Heathrow Airport in London. On Republic Day 1962 he wrote an article in The Times (London), which was a tirade on Indian Muslims. Photo: The Hindu Archives

Despite the Law Commission's unanimous view that the practice of a judge looking forward to or accepting employment after retirement was undesirable, Chagla resigned to become India's Ambassador to the United States. The above minutes by Subirmal Dutt, Foreign Secretary, published for the first time from the archives, shows how Chagla was willing to demean himself in that quest. Chagla supresses this episode in his autobiography.

On how the university got enmeshed in political battles with communal overtones.

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