Harvest of tragedy

Print edition : May 15, 2015

Sacks of potatoes lying outside a cold storage at Dhaniakhali in West Bengal's Hooghly district. Photo: ASHOKE CHAKRABARTY

Sheikh Najir Mohammad, of Selimabad village in Bardhaman district, who said this year "not one sack was sold from the field". Photo: SUSHANTA PATRONOBISH

Sheikh Najir Mohammad's wife, Azmira Begum, slicing potatoes to feed her cows. Photo: SUSHANTA PATRONOBISH

In Bardhaman district, a protest organised by the CPI(M) against the neglect of farmers. Photo: SHANKAR GHOSAL

In Sasanga village, Bardhaman district, the family of Ratan Saar, who killed himself after potato prices fell and he knew he would not be able to repay the money he had borrowed to grow the crop on his leased land. Photo: SUSHANTA PATRONOBISH

In Bishnubati village, Bardhaman district, the family of Prasad Let, who ended his life by comsuming pesticide. Photo: SUSHANTA PATRONOBISH

A police officer pacifies farmers outside a cold storage after the authorities failed to distribute potato bonds to them, at Muluk in Birbhum district on February 23. Photo: PTI

A farmer displaying the cold storage bond. Photo: SUSHANTA PATRONOBISH

Uttam Ray, a farmer, in his house at Khandagosh in Bardhaman district, where he has stored his entire potato crop. Photo: SUSHANTA PATRONOBISH

Potato farmers protesting in Kolkata on March 20 after several of their brethren committed suicide. Photo: SUSHANTA PATRONOBISH

Bimal Murmu and his wife, Laxmi, of Manirambati village in Bardhaman. "I feel I constantly need to keep him in my sight," she says. Photo: SUSHANTA PATRONOBISH

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