Derecognising dissent

Print edition : June 26, 2015

Students of IIT Madras reading B.R. Ambedkar's "Annihilation of Caste" in protest against the derecognition of the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle in the institute on June 3. Photo: By Special Arrangement

Rangoon, 1954: Ambedkar with Periyar when they met in connection with a Buddhist conference there. The IITM Dean wanted the study circle to remove the names of Ambedkar and Periyar E.V. Ramasamy from its title as these names "polarise the students on caste lines". Photo: Dravidar Kazhagam Library

“Can a technocrat or a scientist be a wholesome product without having any social responsibility?” asks Akhil Bharathan, an active member of the study circle. Photo: By Special Arrangement

The heavily fortressed IIT Madras campus during a protest outside it. Photo: Lisbun Kumar

Controversy rages over the decision of the Dean of Indian Institute of Technology Madras to derecognise a student group, the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle, allegedly for its anti-Modi and anti-Hindutva views.
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