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Beware the ticks of Kyasanur

Print edition : June 23, 2017

A magnified image of Haemaphysalis spinigera, the tick that carries the KFD virus. Photo: Virus Diagnostic Laboratory, Shivamogga

The Bonnet macaque. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

The Kyasanur forest where KFD was first discovered, an undated photograph. Photo: VDL, Shivamogga

Collection of ticks in the forest. Photo: VDL, Shivamogga

KFD investigators looking for monkeys and birds in the forests of Kyasanur, a photograph from the late 1950s. Photo: VDL, Shivamogga

KFD field station staff, Sagara, a photograph from the 1950s. Photo: VDL, Shivamogga

Dr S.K. Kiran, Taluk Health Officer, Thirthahalli, at the spot outside Chaduva village where a dead monkey was found. Photo: VIKHAR AHMED SAYEED

Kyasanur forest disease, a viral infection that can be fatal, has spread beyond the forests of Shivamogga in Karnataka, where it was first discovered 60 years ago, to Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra in the past few years, and its further spread along the Western Ghats is a real possibility as encroachment of forests increases.
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