Climate change

A crop revolution

Print edition : June 08, 2018

Shailaja Narwade with her first crop of quinoa. She hopes to sell the quinoa seeds, which are much in demand, for a substantial profit. Photo: Anupama Katakam

Parvati Narwade plucks onions for the evening meal. Of the four acres her family owns, she uses one acre for Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) and grows vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains. Photo: Anupama Katakam

Mandakini Surveshe, with her husband and son, beside one of the three manure-curing beds she manages. She specialises in goat rearing and making manure, and sells both manure and the worms used for vermiculture. Photo: Anupama Katakam

Swayam Shikshan Prayog members who practise CRA. They meet once a week to assess the progress in villages in the Osmanabad-Latur belt. Photo: Anupama Katakam

The women-led climate-resilient farming model created by Swayam Shikshan Prayog in drought-hit Marathwada has yielded encouraging results and is worthy of emulation across the country.
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