Frontline Vol. 16 :: No. 14
July 03 - 16, 1999

India's National Magazine
from the publishers of THE HINDU


Cover Story

A worsening war
For a democratic debate
Missions and concerns
The U.S. angle
Paradoxes in Pakistan
Kargil and beyond
The Many Roads to Kargil
Air power at work
Fighting Pakistan with a handicap
Signs of distress
Other victims of Kargil
A question of credibility
Picture Feature

Signals from Beijing

An incipient Third Force

The States
Bansi Lal rides on
Tamil Nadu: A front against communalism
Jayalalitha discharged in coal case
Threat of submergence in Narmada valley
Arundhati Roy's gesture
ISI and north Bengal blast
Charge-sheets filed in Staines case
Battle lines in Sikkim
RJP merges with Congress(I)
Conflict in Chilka

The bus to Dhaka
A journey into history

World Affairs
Clearing hurdles in the Balkans
Cycles of retribution
G-8's plan for debt relief
Sonia and the Tigers
Skeletons in Chemmani
European Parliament elections
The first chink in the armour?
A healing process in Nigeria

Livelihood Issues
A struggle for fishing rights

Pollock in perspective
Pollock, a portrait

A Burmese short story

Policy Issues
ISRO and a policy conundrum

Nuclear Issues
Interview with Dr. Richard L. Garwin

Amartya Sen's human science of development: Part-III

Social Issues
An effort against child labour

Social Campaigns
AIDWA in the cause of Dalits

Focus: Education in Karnataka
A strong base, growing range
A growing awareness of schooling

The Economy
Financial designs

Dream win for Australia

History-making performance

Praful Bidwai: Crony capitalism, BJP style
C.P. Chandrasekhar: Military gains and economic losses

Lessons from the Communist Manifesto
Political economy of reforms
Probing military debacles

The English Language

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