Print edition : May 30, 2014

Relatives of the victims wait for the verdict of the Special Court in Tsunduru in July 2007. Photo: T. Vijaya Kumar

Dalits protesting against the acquittal of all the 56 accused, in Visakhapatnam on April 28. Photo: C.V. Subrahmanyam

At Tsunduru, the house of one of the victims and the pair of buffaloes given to the family. A file photograph. Photo: H. Satish

When Dalits went on a hunger strike in Tsunduru, demanding the constiution of a Special Court. Photo: The Hindu Archives

It took 16 years for the Special Court to convict the accused in the Tsunduru massacre of 1991 in Andhra Pradesh in which eight Dalits were killed. Now, seven years later, the High Court has acquitted all the accused.
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