For a taste of Krakow

Print edition : September 02, 2016

The Wawel Royal Castle. It is the symbol of the Polish imperial state and has now been converted into a museum. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

The main market square. It is one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Cloth Hall, the centrepiece of the main market square. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

The "Lady with an ermine". This painting by Leonardo da Vinci is currently on display in Wawel on loan from the Czartoryski Museum, which is also in Krakow. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Oskar Schindler's office, a reconstruction at the museum that was once his factory. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

The faces of some of the people in Schindler's list. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Schindler's factory, now a museum. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

The Empty Chairs Memorial. It is a haunting tram square called Plac Bohaterow Getta with 70 empty bronze chairs strewn across it to mark the many Jews who were taken away from there. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

The original wall of the Krakow ghetto. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

The ghetto wall as reproduced in the Schindler factory museum. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Outside the building housing Europe's first bookshop. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Remuh Synagogue, one of two active synagogues in Kazimierz today. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

The Wailing Wall built entirely of tombstones near Remuh Synagogue. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Polish cheese, a delicacy. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Polish toys, which are available at Cloth Hall. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Giant mushrooms on sale in the market. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

The altar at St. Mary's Basilica, the largest Gothic altar in the world. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

An engraving in St. Mary's Basilica, a splendid example of baroque art. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

A passage inside Krakow's famous underground salt mine, Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka, at a depth of 327 metres. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Inside the salt mine, statues made of salt showing a Polish king offering a handful of salt to his would-be bride. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

A mural in the underground market museum depicting traders engaged in commerce. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

Inside the salt mine, a chandelier made of salt. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

"The Last Supper" in salt in the salt mine. Photo: Sudha Mahalingam

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