Aesthetics of impermanence

Print edition : September 04, 2015

Sakura, or cherry blossons, in Kyoto, Japan.

The great stupa of the Toji Temple towers above one in all its magnificence, reminding one of the greatness of the spirit within one. Photo: Benoy K. Behl & Sujata Chatterji

Ninnaji Temple, Kyoto, has perhaps the most beautiful sakura blossoms in the entire region. These are called Omuro sakura, and they blossom a little later than other kinds. The trees here are not very tall, and visitors can see the delight of the sakura better. Here, one can see the stupa in the background. Photo: Benoy K. Behl & Sujata Chatterji

The sweet joy of beautiful sakura in Kyoto, in the temple gardens of the city. Photo: Benoy K. Behl & Sujata Chatterji

The drooping sakura by night. The transient beauty of the blossoms takes one to an ethereal world, particularly under the light of the stars. Photo: Benoy K.Behl and Sujata Chatterji

At cherry blossom time, it is the tradition for girls to dress in clothes that reflect the joy and beauty of the season. Photo: Benoy K. Behl & Sujata Chatterji

Close-ups of the blossoms. The fragrance of cherry blossoms fills the air and one is conscious of the bountiful abundance of nature. Photo: Benoy K. Behl & Sujata Chatterji

There are two kinds of cherry blossoms, one kind that is held up by the branches and the kind seen here, which droops down. Both kinds are equally beautiful. Photo: Benoy K. Behl & Sujata Chatterji

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