Muhammad Ali

Fighter all the way

Print edition : July 08, 2016

February 1964, Miami Beach, Florida: Preparing for his first heavyweight title fight against Sonny Liston. Photo: ERNIE SISTO/NYT

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016). Photo: FRANKA BRUNS/AP

Miami Beach, February 26, 1964: Bobbing and weaving to stay clear of the feared left arm of Sonny Liston. Photo: AP

Manila, The Philippines, October 1, 1975: In the ninth round of the heavyweight title fight against Joe Frazier. Photo: MITSUNORI CHIGITA/AP

Louisville, October 29, 1960: His first as a professional, against Tunney Hunsaker. Photo: AP

Las Vegas, November 22, 1965: Against Floyd Patterson in the heavyweight title defence. Photo: AP

Frankfurt, September 10, 1966: Knocking down Karl Mildenberger in the world title clash. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

Madison Square Garden, March 8, 1971: Felled by the famed left hook of Joe Frazier. Photo: LARRY C. MORRIS/NYT

Houston, July 27, 1971: Declared winner over Jimmy Ellis, his former sparring partner. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

Madison Square Garden, January 28, 1974: In the rematch against Joe Frazier, which he won. Photo: AP

New York, March 1, 1964: With the black Muslim leader Malcolm X outside the Trans-Lux Newsreel Theatre in New York City, after watching a screening of films on Ali's title fight with Sonny Liston. Photo: AP

The April 1968 cover of Esquire magazine.

Kinshasa, Zaire, October 30, 1974: George Foreman knocked out in round eight of the heavyweight title fight. Photo: AP

Richfield, Ohio, March 24, 1975: Against Chuck Wepner in round 15 of the title bout that he went on to win. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

New York, September 28, 1976: Landing a punch on Ken Norton during their title bout. Photo: BARTON SILVERMAN/NYT

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) defined not just his sport but also the very age and time he lived in and was its biggest cultural symbol.
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