Mrinalini Sarabhai

Classicist & activist

Print edition : February 19, 2016

Mrinalini Sarabhai performing Bharatanatyam. She played a crucial role in popularising Bharatanatyam and Kathakali the world over. Photo: The Hindu Archives

Performing “Staying Alive” at the Vikram Sarabhai International Arts Festival in New Delhi in 2006. Photo: Sandeep Saxena

In a Kathakali performance. Photo: Photo Courtesy Darpana Academy

Performing “Maya and the Disciple” in 1954. Photo: PTI

With Rabindranath Tagore. Photo: Photo courtesy Darpana Academy

Mrinalini Sarabhai married Vikram Sarabhai in 1942. Photo: Photo courtesy Darpana Academy

An undated photograph with her children, Mallika and Kartikeya. Photo: Photo courtesy Darpana Academy

Performing with Mallika Sarabhai in New Delhi in 2004. Photo: PTI

Mallika Sarabhai pays tribute to her mother in Ahmedabad on January 21. Photo: AP

Mrinalini Sarabhai (1918-2016) believed strongly in tradition but did not hesitate to face contemporary issues head on. She gave classical dance new directions and a new vocabulary.
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