1. Dieselpunk—much like steam was the fuel of choice in the Industrial Revolution, diesel fuelled the interbellum 20th Century.
  2. Damage Control (DC) is a government agency that cleans up the mess left behind by superhero battles.
  3. Arabesque.
  4. The pistols used by Aaron Burr (founder) and Alexander Hamilton (benefactor) in their duel, in which the latter died.
  5. The shahadah, which says “la ilaha illallah”, or “There is no God but Allah”.
  6. Bridal veil stinkhorn.
  7. The Valluvar statue in Kanyakumari. Aram (Honor), Porul (Wealth) and Inbam (Love) are the three sections of the Kural, which has 133 chapters.
  8. The Sacred Band were pairs of lovers (lover and beloved).
  9. The Marquess of Queensberry rules, used in boxing.
  10. Quidditch is a trademark owned by Warner Bros., and hence cannot be used in commercial enterprises.