Dairy products

Incomplete feat

Print edition : October 11, 2019
India remains at the top in global milk production but has yet to make a mark in dairy products trade worldwide.

India continued to retain the top spot in global milk production in 2018, but the output had little impact on worldwide trade in milk products since the country’s exports remained negligible, according to data from the Food and Agriculture Organisation.

The three major dairy product exporters were the European Union, New Zealand and the United States.

Data from the National Dairy Development Board showed that India’s milk production had risen steadily in the past few years, growing from 137.7 million tonnes in 2013-14 to 176.3 tonnes in 2017-18. Uttar Pradesh was the top contributor, accounting for 16.5 per cent of the national production, followed by Rajasthan (12.7 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (8.3 per cent), Andhra Pradesh (7.8 per cent) and Gujarat (7.7 per cent).

Per capita availability too has posted significant gains, rising from 307 grams a day in 2013-14 to 375 gms a day in 2017-18. Punjab recorded the highest per capita availability of 1,120 gms a day, followed by Haryana (1,005), Rajasthan (834), Gujarat (592) and Andhra Pradesh (574).