Little Andaman: a chronology

Print edition : April 24, 1999

1901: Population of the Onge 672.

1911: Population of the Onge 631.

1921: Population of the Onge 346.

1931: Population of the Onge 250.

1951: Population of the Onge 150.

1952: Italian anthropologist visits Little Andaman to study the Onge tribe.

1957: Declaration of the island of Little Andaman as a tribal reserve.

1961: Population of the Onge 129.

1965: Report by the 'The Inter-departmental Team on Accelerated Development

Programme for the A&N Islands', Ministry of Rehabilitation, Government of India. 1970: Timber extraction begins.

1971: Population of the Onge 112.

1972: First amendment to the tribal reserve on Little Andaman.

1974: Forest Department assesses the timber productivity of the forests of the island.

1975: Forest Department initiates work on the red oil palm plantation.

1976: The Andaman Adim Janjati Vikas Samiti (AAJVS) is created.

1976: Presentation of the Forest Corporation proposal for logging and forestry operations in Little Andaman.

1977: The Forest Corporation starts fuctioning.

1977: Second denotificaton of the tribal reserve on Little Andaman.

1977-79: More outside families settled on Little Andaman.

1981: Population of the Onge 100.

1983: Study of the Onge by anthropologist Vishvajit Pandya.

1988: Formulation of the National Forest Policy which makes a special case for the protection of the rainforests of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

1991: Population of the Onge 101.

1995: Patenting controversy related to Onge knowledge.

1996: Supreme Court order on forests.

1999: Two Onge youths found dead.

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