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Steady progress

Print edition : Jul 18, 2008 T+T-
K.B. Dubey, Director (Projects).-

K.B. Dubey, Director (Projects).-

NTPC has a reputation for completing projects on schedule. Talking about the companys record in terms of project implementation and the principal reasons for delays, if there are any, Director (Projects) K.B. Dubey says, The capacity addition programme of NTPC is steadily progressing. There have been some delays in our projects which can be attributed to supply constraints as the vendors are having their order books overfilled owing to the massive growth, especially in the infrastructure segment in the economy and the consequent rise in the demand of their equipment.

Similarly, the execution agencies are also spreading themselves thin on the large number of jobs they have acquired in this boom scenario. In some instances, there were industrial relations problems at the execution agencies, which also adversely affected the project progress. Now things are looking up and we hope to put the projects on the fast track.

With NTPC now entering into joint ventures with other public sector companies and also State governments, what sort of opportunities will this provide in terms of sharing experiences for better project management? Dubey has this to say: With power as a critical requirement and large capacity addition required, our country needs more engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) agencies, more manufacturing capacity. These joint ventures are expected to benefit from this huge space available and shall surely grow to achieve capacity addition and combine the strengths of NTPC.

Recently, NTPC established a joint venture with Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL). It has also identified two projects adding up to 1,250 MW, which will be allocated to this joint venture for EPC work. Apart from these projects, the joint venture will scout for other orders, says Dubey.

On the manufacturing side, he says the company is looking at various options and tentatively plans to have the manufacturing facility operational before the end of the Eleventh Plan. Currently, the business plan for the joint venture is being prepared, after which we shall work on the investment plan, says Dubey.

Dinesh Chandra