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Interview: Anand Teltumbde

‘Majoritarian agenda’

Anupama Katakam Cover Story
Interview with the Dalit scholar Anand Teltumbde.
Politics of Nationalism

Creating the enemy

The politics of “nationalism versus sedition” is a Sangh Parivar project to essentially divert attention from the failures of the government and enthuse the Hindutva support base.
Interview: Hiren Gohain

‘A Kafkaesque mixture’

Ziya Us Salam Cover Story
Interview with the noted public intellectual Hiren Gohain.
Interview: Anushka Singh

Demystifying sedition

Interview with Anushka Singh, sedition law expert.
Climate change

Greenland melting faster

R. Ramachandran Science & Technology
A new study led by Michael Bevis of the Ohio State University, published in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ...
Nuclear waste

Deep down a drill hole

R. Ramachandran Science & Technology
Narrow vertical holes drilled deep into the earth’s crust have been considered an option for the geological isolation of radioactive waste since the ...

L’affaire Rafale

D. Raghunandan The Nation
As the controversy over the Rafale deal continues to simmer, the question is whether it will turn out to be Narendra Modi’s Bofors.

An ear for sensitivity

R. Ramachandran Science & Technology
The human ear is so extraordinarily sensitive that it can detect soundwave-induced vibrations of the eardrum that move by less than the width of an ...
Celiac disease

Going against the grain

Muralidharan Public Health
A recent international symposium in New Delhi on wheat-related disorders drew attention to celiac disease, one of the world’s most under-diagnosed medical conditions.
Sugar industry

Bitter aftertaste

Lyla Bavadam Agriculture
As unrest prevails in the sugar belt of Maharashtra over non-payment of farmers’ dues, political parties have been quick to capitalise on the crisis in the election year.
Interlinking of rivers

A pipe dream

S.G. Vombatkere General Issues
The interlinking of rivers is an ill-conceived, ruinously expensive, technically questionable, ecologically devastating and socially disruptive national mega project.
Kader Khan

Multifaceted genius

Moviegoers may remember Kader Khan most for his slapstick humour and his villain roles, but his was a many-splendoured talent enriched by his scholarship and his mastery over the written word.
Foreign trade

Robust trade

With a strong and balanced export-import trade in the first eight months of the current fiscal, the European Union continues to be India’s largest trading partner.

Lives on the margin

Devadasis live a life of discrimination on the periphery of village society in north Karnataka. A new report and model legislation prepared by the NLSIU advocate policy changes to address the problem and stop the practice.

Right to listen in person

A.G. NOORANI The Nation
The refusal of a visa can be struck down if it is on the face of it arbitrary or violative of an international treaty or of the state’s own citizens.
Interview: Aamer Hussein

‘I don’t long for roots’

ZIYA US SALAM Literature
Interview with the Pakistani short story writer Aamer Hussein.
Kolkata opposition Rally

Call from Kolkata

The show of opposition unity in Kolkata at Mamata Banerjee’s call has clearly made the BJP jittery, though competitive political ambitions among the parties represented at the rally are bound to create discords.
"Resort" Politics in Karnataka

High drama again

In a repeat of the events after the Assembly elections last year, Karnataka is witnessing “resort” politics following attempts at horse-trading.

Historic defeat

Vidya Ram World Affairs
Well before Brexit day, March 29 at 11 p.m., the toll the issue is taking on the United Kingdom has been sharp, enduring and devastating.

Caste as capital

Anandhi S. Books
The book makes important observations on the relevance of caste affinities for minority caste groups, such as the Padma Saliyars, whose trade interests are protected not through class alliances but through the creation of a caste identity.
Filing of the charge sheet

Desperate charge

Divya Trivedi Cover Story
The filing of the charge sheet in the JNU sedition case three years after the incidents in the university is an attempt to build a narrative of “us vs them” ahead of the Lok Sabha election, with the intention of drumming up public opinion against “anti-nationals” and in favour of the BJP.

Instrument of oppression

The charge sheet against 10 persons in the JNU case brings into focus the sharp rise in sedition cases filed in recent years, which can be attributed to the intolerance of dissent promoted by the Narendra Modi government.
Sedition cases over the years

Thin-skinned state

A look at some of the sedition cases that have made the headlines over the years.

The Law Commission on sedition

Cover Story
In a consultation paper released last year, the Law Commission said: “In a democracy, singing from the same songbook is not a benchmark of ...
Interview: Manish Tewari

‘Fine-tune the law or repeal it’

Purnima S. Tripathi Cover Story
Congress leader and former Union Minister Manish Tewari said it was high time archaic laws such as the sedition law were done away with. “In the past ...
Interview: Sitaram Yechury

‘It should be scrapped’

T.K. Rajalakshmi Cover Story
Interview with Sitaram Yechury, general secretary, Communist Party of India (Marxist).
The Tamil Nadu situation

Muffled voices

The space for dissent in Tamil Nadu, a supposedly progressive State, has shrunk to a significant extent. Protests registered by writers, ...

Right to listen in person

A.G. NOORANI The Nation
The refusal of a visa can be struck down if it is on the face of it arbitrary or violative of an international treaty or of the state’s own citizens.
Kodanadu Estate break-in

Murder mystery

A video released to the media on the murder and burglary at former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s Kodanadu Estate four months after her death makes startling claims and has the opposition in Tamil Nadu demanding Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami’s resignation.