Birds of Kerala

In quest of the frogmouth

Print edition : December 11, 2015

A pair of Ceylon frogmouths in the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Thattekkad in Kerala.

A lone Ceylon frogmouth on its roost. The frogmouth is distributed across the Western Ghats.

Salim Ali described the bird as "an obliteratively coloured grey brown nightjar-like bird, vermiculated and mottled with white, buff, brown, black and chestnut. The wide gape and absurdly broad and swollen horny bill is suggestive of its name."

The Ceylon frogmouth, male, juvenile and female.

A pair of frogmouths, perfectly camouflaged.

The Great Indian Hornbill in the Thattekkad sanctuary.

The hornbill is one of the largest birds in the sanctuary.

The hornbill returning to its nest.

The Malabar grey hornbill.

The bay owl.

A view of the Periyar river from the Thattekkad bridge. Photo: H. Vibhu

Dr R. Sugathan, ornithologist at the Thattekkad bird sanctuary, with a poster of the legendary ornithologist Salim Ali in the background. Photo: H. Vibhu

The wildlife photographer Shafiq Basheer Ahammed.

The streak-throated woodpecker.

Grey-headed flycatcher. Photo: sd sdsdsdx

The Asian paradise flycatcher.

The ruby-throated yellow bulbul.

The Jerdon's leafbird. Photo: sd sadsadsadwsd

The southern hill myna.

Blyth's starling.

The skimitter babbler.

The Nilgiri laughing thrush.

Loten's sunbird.

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