Papua New Guinea

On the trail of the bowerbird

Print edition : March 01, 2019

The flame bowerbird. Photo: Sabu Kinattukara

A flame bowerbird in its bower . Photo: Sabu Kinattukara

Radjah shelduck Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Australasian swamphen. Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Brown-headed paradise kingfisher. Photo: Sabu Kinattukara

Masked lapwing. Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Butcher bird. Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Belford’s melidectes. Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Crested satinbird Photo: Sabu Kinattukara

Barred owlet-nightjar. Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Brehm’s tiger parrot. Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Victoria crowned pigeon. Photo: Sabu Kinattukara

Island thrush. Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Ribbon-tailed astrapia, male. Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Ribbon-tailed astrapia female. Photo: Govind Vijayakumar

Sabu Kinattukara.

A typical landscape of Papua New Guinea. Photo: Sunil Onamkulam

A team of international birders goes to Papua New Guinea to photograph the endemic flame bowerbird and its mating ritual “dance”.

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