To harness monsoon

Print edition : December 12, 2014

Waialeale, a mountain in Kauai Island in Hawaii. It is one of the wettest spots on the earth. A volcanic eruption tore its front half (east-facing), giving it an armchair-like shape, which makes it conducive to the rising of clouds. Photo: BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Jawadhu Hills, an isolated mountain in the Eastern Ghats. the cloud base and the cloud top are similar to the Waialeale and stratocumulus clouds form, too.

Trade winds rise over mountains when the Baines number is less than 1, resulting in the lifting of clouds high up and precipitation.

Model-based rainfall (mm/day) at the same geographic location near Jawadhu Hills for undisturbed days. Simulations made use of the rotated front-end of Waialeale Mountains over Jawadhu Hills. The observed rainfall on these days was actually nil. The model produced about 35-40 mm of rainfall per day on 80 per cent of the cases that were simulated by T. N. Krishnamurti and associates at Florida State University.

A schematic diagram of the proposed pipeline from Jawadhu Hills holding lake to Poondi lake, a distance of about 130 km.

A novel suggestion to find a permanent solution to the problem of water scarcity in Chennai: reshape the face of a mountain.
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