Bald Ibis

Under a wing

Print edition : December 12, 2014

The northern bald ibis in flight. Photo: The Waldrapp team

The northern bald ibis. With its featherless crown, the northern bald ibis bird looks like a vulture. It has a curved beak, long legs and black plumage. Photo: The Waldrapp team

The flights of up to 301 kilometres non-stop and an altitude of 2,450 metres above mean sea level are considered a record performance. Photo: The Waldrapp team

Foster parents Corinna Esterer and Anne-Gabriela Schmalstieg, students of Vienna University. Once the chicks have imprinted on a person, they get bonded to him or her. The birds follow the foster parents wherever they go. Photo: The Waldrapp team

Over urban dwellings, villages, meadows, lakes, valleys and mountain ranges, on their way to Tuscany. Photo: The Waldrapp team

Johannes Fritz, leader of the Waldrapp team. He launched the Waldrapp project in 2001 with the support of the Vienna Zoo and other partners. Photo: The Waldrapp team

Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist and naturalist , . Recently, she initiated the signing of an agreement to support the reintroduction of the bald ibis in Europe. Photo: The Waldrapp Team

There were 14 stopovers for the birds to rest. Photo: The Waldrapp team

Birds following the microlight. During the flight, the position of each bird was recorded at close intervals by GPS data logger. The journey was filmed by a TV team in a helicopter. Photo: The Waldrapp team

The birds following their foster parents who are on board the microlight. Photo: The Waldrapp team

The flight was in four stages. The first was across the Alps. Because of heavy headwinds, this stage was especially difficult. Photo: The Waldrapp team

Over urban dwellings, on their way to Tuscany. Photo: The Waldrapp team

Over Tuscany, where birds of different species have their migratory destinations. Photo: The Waldrapp team

In Tuscany. The young birds can now live independently as migratory birds. Photo: The Waldrapp team

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