Tropical storm Elsa rages through U.S. East Coast

Published : July 09, 2021 19:36 IST

Elsa is expected to peter out on July 9 evening after causing havoc along the east coast. Photo: Timothy A. Clary / AFP

At least one person was reported dead in Florida during the storm, and a possible tornado hit a Georgia Navy base.

Travel in New York City was severely disrupted on July 9 as tropical storm Elsa caused flooding in several subway stations and on major roads. Large sections of the US eastern seaboard, from Delaware to Massachusetts were under a storm warning as Elsa moved north, bringing with her 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 centimeters) of rainfall that were expected to continue through July 9, the National Hurricane Center said.

Locals took to Twitter to share videos of the flooding, including one video of an individual wading through waist-high water in a New York subway station. The storm passed through North and South Carolina on July 8 after one person was reported dead in Florida and 10 were injured in Georgia. Elsa had killed several people while making its way across the Caribbean.

Elsa had been downgraded from Category 1 hurricane to tropical storm, then gained its strength back before weakening again on Wednesday. Experts said it would likely degrade to a post-tropical storm by the night of July 9.

How much damage has Elsa caused?

Around 25,000 homes and businesses along the east coast had been left without power on the morning of July 9, the website reported. A US Navy base was reportedly hit by a tornado caused by the storm on July 8. Officials said there were multiple injuries and damage to buildings and vehicles, but no damage to any "sensitive assets or submarines."

Local media reported at least 10 injuries in the incident. In Florida, one person was killed on July 7 when a tree fell and struck two cars, the AP news agency reported, citing local authorities. The storm also complicated recovery efforts at the collapsed apartment building in Miami, where the rescue mission transitioned to a recovery operation. There were reports of power outages in tens of thousands of homes and businesses on either side of the Georgia-Florida state line.

Where is Elsa headed?

Elsa had been expected to move over to North Carolina later on Thursday before passing near the eastern mid-Atlantic states and moves near or over the northeastern US on July 9. NHC forecast heavy rains and flash flooding along the Texas Gulf. The US National Weather Service in New York warned that the southeastern Long Island could see sustained tropical-storm-force winds late Thursday night and into Friday morning (over July 8 and July 9).

The storm is on route to reach eastern Canada by July 10.

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