Panchamasali Lingayat seer sets October 1 deadline for the Karnataka government to shift the classification of the sect from 3B to 2A in the OBC list

Published : September 30, 2021 14:30 IST

Basava Jayamruthyunjaya Swamiji, pontiff of the Panchamasali Peetha. Photo: M. KARUNAKARAN


Basava Jayamruthyunjaya Swamiji, the pontiff of the Panchamasali Peetha in Kudalasangama located in north Karnataka, has set October 1 as the deadline for the State government to give an assurance that the Panchamasali subsect of the Lingayats will be moved from 3B category to 2A category in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) list.

The logic behind this demand, which has been ongoing since last year, by the numerically significant Panchamasali community is to gain from the relatively reduced competition in the 2A category. If the Panchamasalis are moved from the 3B category (which has five per cent reservation for 41 castes and mainly includes Lingayat subsects) to the 2A category (which has 15 per cent reservation for 102 castes), the community will gain from the much larger reserved pool.

Speaking at a press conference on September 29, the pontiff said: “Our movement demanding that the community be included in the 2A category will reach Bengaluru on October 1. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has to give us a specific reassurance on that day. If this assurance is not forthcoming, we will begin our protest. We were assured that our demand would be met by September 15 but no decision was taken in this regard although the Backward Classes Commission started the procedure. Basavaraj Bommai has spoken in favour of our demand in the past. I am hopeful that he will reassure us that our demand to be shifted to the 2A category will be met.”

October 1 has been symbolically chosen by the agitators because it is the birthday of J.H. Patel, former Chief Minister of Karnataka and a Lingayat.