Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh appears before Mumbai Police, says he will cooperate with the investigation against him

Published : November 26, 2021 12:06 IST

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh. Photo: VIVEK BENDRE

A few days after being granted protection by the Supreme Court, Parambir Singh, Director General of Police, Home Guards, who was recently declared an absconder, suddenly appeared before the Mumbai Police on November 25. As per media reports, Singh arrived from Chandigarh and presented himself at the Crime Branch office in Mumbai without prior intimation. He was seen in his official vehicle, a perk he can probably use as he is still in service.

Singh, who has been reportedly untraceable since May 2021, told mediapersons at the Crime Branch office that following the Supreme Court orders on his protection, he would cooperate with investigators in the probe against him and that he will remain in Mumbai during the investigation. In all probability. The court made his cooperation in the investigation a condition for granting protection.

Singh has four charges of extortion and three non-bailable warrants against him. The investigation pertains to a complaint filed by one Bimal Agarwal, a hotelier and building contractor, who accused Singh of extortion of around Rs.11 lakh when Parambir Singh was Thane Police Commissioner. In all probability, Singh returned to Mumbai as a lower court had declared Singh a proclaimed offender on November 17. If he did not show up within 30 days, the police had the right to attach his properties as per the law.

On November 18, the apex court had rejected Singh’s plea for protection saying until he turned up they would not take a decision. The bench took exception to his tactic of appointing a power of attorney to appear and fight his case. They said it would hear his case only after he revealed which part of the country or world he was in.

Singh, a former Commissioner of Police in Mumbai, has been at the centre of the Antilla bomb scare plot. He had to step down as Commissioner as it unravelled that Sachin Waze, an Assistant Police Inspector with the Mumbai Police, was involved in the conspiracy. Singh had to take responsibility of the supposed terror threat. He was shunted to the Home Guards. In retaliation, he said if he had to go down, he would take the others down too. In a submission to the apex court in March 2021, he said he was being made a “scapegoat to divert attention” in the Antilla case and that his transfer was a political move with oblique purposes and sinister moves. He said his transfer was based on “conjectures, surmises and pure speculation”. Singh said he was on the brink of unearthing key discoveries in several cases and believed that was why he was hastily shunted.