BJP MP Babul Supriyo announces he is quitting politics with a cryptic post on social media

Published : July 31, 2021 21:48 IST

Babul Supriyo. Photo: SUJIT JAISWAL/AFP

A social media post by Babul Supriyo, former Union Minister and BJP MP, that he intends to quit politics and also give up his seat in Parliament, has come as yet another blow to the BJP, which is still reeling from its embarrassing defeat in the recent Assembly election in West Bengal. Supriyo, a two-time MP from Asanso, wrote in Bengali in a social media post on July 31, “I am leaving. Goodbye. Heard what everyone had to say – my parents, my wife, daughter, a few friends. After hearing them and understanding what their words meant, I am saying I am leaving.”

Also announcing in the same post that he will be resigning as MP, Supriyo admitted that his decision was not unconnected with his being dropped from the Union Ministry. “I want to answer one question as I leave, because it is pertinent. Is there any connection between my leaving politics and getting removed from ministership? Yes there is. There is certainly some connection there,” wrote Supriyo. Initially he had written that he would not be joining any other party, but later deleted that portion out of the post.

He wrote that in the last few days he had repeatedly approached Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP national president J.P. Nadda with his proposal to quit politics. “I am very grateful to them that every time they would send me back after encouraging me in various ways. I will never forget their love, but I cannot go to them again with the same request, since I have already made up my mind. Besides, if I approach them again they may suspect that I have come to bargain for some post, and I do not want them to think that even for a second,” wrote Supriyo.

Supriyo’s post also referred to his rocky relationship with leaders of the Bengal unit of the BJP. It said, “I have had differences of opinion with the leadership of the state before the Assembly elections, many of which got into the public domain. I am partly responsible for some of that… the state leaders are also responsible for that.” He wrote that the constant bickering between the senior party leaders was damaging the party and weakening the morale of the workers. The singer-turned-politician signed off with a cryptic ending, saying, “Yes, there are still some things that have remained unsaid. May be I will say them some other time. I would rather not talk about them today. I’m leaving.”