Afghanistan agree ceasefire with Taliban in western province

Published : July 16, 2021 20:49 IST

Some reports have suggested the Taliban are ready to broker a ceasefire in exchange for their own fighters. Photo: Hoshang Hashim/AFP/Getty Images

"The ceasefire was brokered by tribal elders," according to an Afghan official. Neighboring Pakistan reported Taliban forces had secured a key border crossing.

An Afghan official said on July 15 a ceasefire had been negotiated with local Taliban leaders in a western province that had come under attack by the militants in their sweeping campaign across the countryside. "The ceasefire between Afghan security forces and the Taliban began at around 10 a.m. today. The ceasefire was brokered by tribal elders," Badghis governor Hesamuddin Shams told news agency AFP.

Taliban takes Chaman

Pakistan reported how Taliban forces had secured a key border crossing at Chaman, confirming their rapid takeover of Afghanistan after the departure of Western forces. Pakistan's foreign ministry confirmed that the Afghan side of the border crossing was now under the control of the insurgents. Border officials on the Pakistan side in Chaman swiftly shut the crossing, causing chaos for traders and families queuing up to cross.

Peace talks floundering

Islamabad said it had tried to unite the two sides in the civil war but that the Afghan government was already on its way to Qatar for peace talks. The talks, which began last year, have so far failed to reach any political settlement, and the latest offensives suggest the militants are now intent on a military victory.

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