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Towards a sane society

Print edition : September 16, 2016

KRISHNAGIRI, TAMILNADU, 21/01/2015: A mentally challenged destitute man saunters about with chain anklets tied to his limbs for the last six months, at Chinthgampalli near Krishnagiri. Photo: N. Bashkaran Photo: N. BASHKARAN

At the Berhampore Mental Hospital, about 200 km north of Kolkata. An undated photograph received from Anjali Mental Health Rights Organisation on August 18. Photographs taken by activists of patients kept naked at the hospital produced an outcry around the middle of August. Photo: AFP/ANJALI MENTAL HEALTH RIGHTS

After the fire that killed 26 mentally ill persons at Erwadi in Tamil Nadu in 2001. Photo: AFP

A poor family has been chaining mentally chalneged Lingaraju (13) in a cattle shed for the past six years at Makali village in Channapatna taluk in Ramanagaram district - Mandya Ramanagaram Karnataka 06_March_2016. Photo: THE HINDU archives

Will the Mental Health Care Bill passed by the Rajya Sabha, which brings to centre stage the rights of patients diagnosed with mental disorders, serve the purpose of making positive changes to the mental health care infrastructure?

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