Cryogenics history

The long haul

Print edition : February 07, 2014

Former ISRO Chairman Satish Dhawan flanked by U.R.Rao (left) and K. Kasturirangan. In December 1982, Dhawan revived studies on cryogenic technology. After his retirement in 1984, it was left to Rao to decide how ISRO would develop the cryogenic engine and the GSLV based on that technology. Photo: the hindu archives

U.S. Vice-President Al Gore (left) and Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin in Moscow after signing agreements, one of wihch pertained to a $400-million contract to buy Russian goods and services for the ISS and another that allowed Russia to launch nine geostationary satellites through 2000. Photo: d sadsa dsd

ISRO began studies to develop a cryogenic engine 40 years ago, but it fatefully decided to import technology at a high cost.

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