Ban as a political practice

Politics of ban

Print edition : April 03, 2015

In 1988, the Rajiv Gandhi government banned Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" as a pre-emptive step. India was the first country to ban the book. Photo: AP/PTI

Shiv Sena activists protesting against James Laine's "Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India" in Thane in July 2010. Photo: PTI

In 1933, the British government banned this collection of short stories on the grounds that it hurt Muslim sentiments.

In 2003, the CPI(M)-led government in West Bengal banned Taslima Nasreen’s "Dwikhandito" over fears that it could incite communal discord in the State. Photo: V. Sudershan

Taslima Nasreen’s "Dwikhandito".

The practice of ban has been prevalent in India since the time of the British, through the many decades of Independence, and it continues to grow with a government driven by the Hindutva ideology at the Centre.
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