Development and neoliberalism

Marketing politicians

Print edition : April 04, 2014

Narendra Modi in a helicopter after a BJP rally at Palace Grounds in Bangalore on November 17, 2013. Photo: K. BHAGYA PRAKASH

Daily-wage workers in a paddy field near Palakkad in Kerala. Between 2004-05 and 2011-12, Kerala spent substantial parts of its fiscal resources on welfare measures such as debt relief to peasants, and a health insurance scheme covering 60 per cent of its population. But the Kerala example does not figure anywhere in the current “development” discourse. Photo: K.K. Mustafah

The current development discourse projecting Modi as the development man has lost sight of the importance of making people agents of change and has got trapped in a paradigm pushed by the corporate-financial elite, which is conducive to the growth of fascism.
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