It is a revolt

Print edition : August 19, 2016

New Delhi, July 20, 1950: Prime Ministers Liaquat Ali Khan of Pakistan and Jawaharlal Nehru of India meeting with Sir Owen Dixon, United Nations mediator on Kashmir. "I must have Kashmir," Nehru is said to have once told Liaquat Ali Khan. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

April 8, 1964: Sheikh Abdullah with his wife, son Farooq and daughter Khalida Shah after the announcement of his release after 11 years in prison from August 8, 1954. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

V.K. Krishna Menon with Jawaharlal Nehru. Krishna Menon told the U.N. Security Council on February 8, 1957: "If as a result of a plebiscite, if ever it did come, the people decided that they did not want to stay with India, then our duty at that time would be to adopt those constitutional procedures which would enable us to separate that territory." Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

Mehbooba Muft, who took over as J&K's first woman Chief Minister on April 4, leading a PDP-BJP government. While reports suggest that she knew about the operation to take out Burhan Wani, Mehbooba denied it. Photo: Nissar Ahmad

From Jayaprakash Narayan's letter in 1956 to Jawaharlal Nehru, the part where he outlines his views on Kashmir.

As the Third Kashmir Crisis unfolds, Kashmiris seek a new order by a new compact and not redress of their grievances. But with India firm on not conceding anything, the fear is that the worst is yet to come.

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