For equal laws

Print edition : September 06, 2013

The controversial Meham panchayat held on August 1, 2010, following criticism of the high-handed ways of khaps. Photo: THE HINDU ARCHIVES

In Rohtak, Haryana, an AIDWA rally against rape and anti-women remarks of a khap panchayat. Photo: Rajeev Bhatt

In Mumbai, a demonstration against some of the specious ways in which talaq is sought. Photo: VIVEK BENDRE

In Dehradun, a protest against sexual and domestic violence. Photo: PTI

Kirti Singh, senior advocate in the Supreme Court: 'Women's groups have had to encounter resistance from multiple levels of patriarchy across communities.' Photo: K. Gopinathan

Women’s groups feel that there need not be any dichotomy between personal laws and uniform laws as long as the underlying principle is equality and non-discrimination.
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