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Contours of a conspiracy

Print edition : May 17, 2013

Baseerbibi, with burns on her face, holds her nephew, llyas, at the Mehsana civil hospital on March 2, 2002. Baseerbibi's sister was among 29 Muslims who were slaughtered at the village of Shardarpur. Photo: SEBASTIAN D'SOUZA/AFP

February 28, 2002: An Ahmedabad resident watches as the wood market burns after it was set ablaze. Photo: SEBASTIAN D'SOUZA/AFP

A policeman looks at Muslim-owned shops burning, in Ahmedabad. Photo: SEBASTIAN D'SOUZAAFP

March 4, 2002: Injured Muslims, including children, rest inside the Shah Alam Mosque in Ahmedabad. Photo: AMAN SHARMA/AP

A protest petition filed by Zakia Jafri weaves together evidence, from contemporaneous phone and police control room records, pointing to the role of the powers that be in manipulating the Godhra incident to plan the violence against the Muslim community.
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