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Brexit shock

Print edition : July 22, 2016

In London as the results of the referendum were coming in. Photo: ANDREW TESTA/NYT

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks to the media on June 28 during an E.U. summit in Brussels. Photo: JOHN THYS/AFP

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party leader, speaks on immigration and moving on after the referendum, in central London on June 25. Photo: Neil Hall/REUTERS

Nigel Farage, leader of the pro-"Leave" UKIP, at a plenary session of the European Parliament on the Brexit outcome, in Brussels on June 28. Photo: ERIC VIDAL/REUTERS

The European Parliament in session in Strasbourg, France. A file picture. Photo: FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP

The Leave verdict in the United Kingdom has spotlighted the despair and anger of its working class that have their origins in the multiple burdens successive governments imposed on it. But the deeper meaning of the vote that was informed by a campaign of fearmongering and disinformation is unclear.

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