'Restore Democracy March'

Debris of democracy

Print edition : February 14, 2020

Youths protesting against the suspension of Internet services in Srinagar on December, 19, 2019. Photo: NISSAR AHMAD

Journalists using the Internet facility at a government-run media centre in Srinagar on January 10. Photo: Danish Ismail/REUTERS

A farmer packing freshly harvested apples in boxes at Gund village in Budgam district in central Kashmir on October 20, 2019. The clampdown in the aftermath of the August 5 decision has affected trade in apples, almonds, walnuts and other items. Photo: NISSAR AHMAD

The overarching impression gained from a march from Jammu to Srinagar is that the people are hit hard by anguish, a sense of betrayal, uncertainty, loss of rights, financial distress and lack of accountability on the part of the authorities.
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