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The agreement

Print edition : Feb 16, 2002 T+T-

The following is the text of the agreement reached on 27 September 1989 at a meeting held in Lucknow convened by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh with representatives of the VHP in which the Union Home Minister was also present. The agreement was signed by Shri Ashok Singhal, Shri Dau Dyal Khanna, Mahant Avaidnath and Shri Nrityagopal Das.

A meeting was held in Lucknow by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on 27 September 1989 with the representatives of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) during which the Union Home Minister was also present.

In this meeting all aspects of the situation arising in the wake of VHP's programme to perform Shila Poojan in different parts of the country and carry the 'sanctified' bricks to Ayodhya for laying the foundation-stone of Rama Temple on 9 November 1989, were discussed.


As a result of these discussions, the following were agreed:

a) The VHP will give prior intimation to the concerned District authorities of the Shila Procession route and agree to change in routes in case the District authorities so desire in public interest.

b) The VHP and its followers would not raise any provocative slogans which may endanger communal harmony.

c) As far as possible the 'sanctified' bricks will be carried in trucks on the routes determined before-hand in consultation with the concerned District authorities.

d) Senior and responsible VHP functionaries would take the responsibility of guiding the procession and will extend full cooperation to the District authorities.

e) The spot in Ayodhya where the sanctified bricks will be collected, will be decided in consultation with the District authorities.

f) The VHP undertakes to abide by the directive of the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court given on 14-8-1989 to the effect that the Parties to the Suits shall maintain the status quo and shall not change the nature of the property in question and ensure that the peace and communal harmony are maintained.

Following representatives of VHP will cooperate/ coordinate with U.P. Government.

1. Sh.Dau Dyal Khanna 2. Sh.Dixit, Ex-DGP (UP) 3. Sh.Onkar Bhave 4. Sh.Suresh Gupta, Ex-Vice-Chancellor 5. Sh.Mahesh Narain Singh, Ayodhya


Sh.Ashok Singhal Sh.Mahant Avaidnath Sh.Nrityagopal Das Sh.Dau Dyal Khanna