Encounter with Fox

Print edition : August 12, 2011

IN the interests of full disclosure, I should say I have had my own run-in with Fox News. A day after Osama Bin Laden's death, I had been on National Public Radio talking about international law and the example of the Nuremberg trial. In this regard, I criticised the killing of Bin Laden. Bill O'Reilly decided to make a target of me, and when I refused to go on his programme, he sent his ambush reporter, Jesse Watters, to my home.

Watters and his cameraman arrived before 7 a.m., followed me to the bus stand where I dropped off my daughter, and then chased me to my home. The broadcast segment in which O'Reilly decided to call me a pinhead brought me several hundred hostile e-mails, including several death threats. This is the quality of Fox journalism, where the nuances are less important than the ability to wield the bludgeon against those who do not toe the line.

Vijay Prashad
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