Meteorological factors

Unkind winds

Print edition : September 14, 2018

Figure 1 (a): The temporal variation of daily rainfall intensity. There are four distinct peaks of rainfall: two in June (around June 14 and 20), one in July (around July 20) and one sustained long one in August (beginning August 8 until August 16).

Figure 1 (b): The cumulative rainfall over Kerala during the entire monsoon season.

Figure 2

Figure 3: The presence of the monsoon trough, whose eastern end was anchored lower than the normal position (towards the south) also facilitated the pressure lows to evolve into depressions, which then moved norht-north-westwards along the trough.

Table 1

Table 2

Over the last decade, Kerala has actually been showing a decreasing trend in rainfall. Somewhat unusual meteorological factors caused this year’s rainfall to buck the trend.
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